Sean Derning


Co-Founder of Mix Tech Labs, Co-Founder & CEO of iDeck Technologies, Founder of 4D2 Media. Sean has 4 years experience as lead developer on multiple iOS projects.  Some of his many advancements have become an industry standard in the ever changing touchscreen world. Sean has also worked with and headed multiple design teams as well as led many UI UX (user interface, user experience) design projects.






Ian Lynn


Co-founder & CTO of iDeck Technologies. Ian is a master of code and perfection. His skills and discipline have set the standard for how we do business and create digital content. Ian has worked on a multitude of applications for many different companies. He is the "Big Guns" of our company and if you require a custom one of a kind App, you will be working with him.





Jessica Derning


Jessica Derning began her creative journey in jewelry design and started her own jewelry company in 2006. Her artistic passions eventually led her to study graphic design where she realized the digital medium gave her much creative freedom and inspiration. In 2010 Jessica was given the opportunity to design for Mix Tech Labs on the MIDI Deck project. She has now become lead designer on multiple paid applications for iDeck Technologies including Quiq Deck Pro, Dj Deck and MIDI Deck Suite to name a few.

Jessica’s professionalism and easy going attitude make her a pleasure to work with. She goes out of her way to interpret the clients creative vision while keeping tasks on their projected timeline.

Our Team

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